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Albuquerque Advocates is a "virtual law office" and provides the following real estate and business law services:

  • Real estate purchase agreements-commercial, residential, and vacant land
  • Real Estate Contract drafting, amendments, demands, and terminations
  • Mortgages and Deeds of Trust
  • Deeds and assignments
  • Business purchase and sale agreements
  • Formation, modification, and termination of corporations and LLCs

Please call (505) 830-2020 or email  to discuss these services.


A few words about the Internet:

Over the past 20+ years, I have served the public as an attorney, and have had an excellent reputation as a capable and honest practitioner. However, one of the sad truths about the practice of law is that in litigation there is usually one winner and one loser. When an attorney wins a case, his/her client loves him/her, but the losing party on the other side may blame the winning attorney because they lost their case.

The Internet is virtually without any regulation. There are no truth police. Sadly, the losers in court cases sometimes take to the Internet to post nasty and defamatory comments about the other side’s attorney. There are even websites that make it a practice to post primarily negative reviews of attorneys. Sometimes it is a losing party pretending to be a dissatisfied client of the attorney who says bad things in reviews.

In my case, I have been involved in the past in some court cases that were considered by the judges and attorneys with knowledge of the cases as the “worst of the worst” cases due to some of the parties involved. Two of those cases involved people with mental illness and long histories of malicious behavior.

Perhaps inevitably, those two disturbed persons posted derogatory comments about me on the web. They did so anonymously. Due to limited laws regulating the Internet, if I couldn’t prove who posted, I couldn’t get a court to order the removal of the defamatory comments.

In one case, where the person posting was documented, I managed to have the defamatory posting removed from the web site hosting it. In that case, I had to hire attorneys in Iceland, because that was where the web hosting company was located. The Icelandic attorneys were able to get the web site shut down after demonstrating that the postings were false and malicious.

However, there are still a few websites out there with defamatory and anonymous rants on them posted by a woman with a long history of mental illness. I cannot get the hosting companies to remove the postings because they operate from countries where American courts have no jurisdiction, and/or make it their policy not to care about the truth or falsity of hosted website content.

Consequently, I recommend that you inquire within the Albuquerque legal community if you want to know if I am a competent and honest attorney. Reading malicious posts by a disturbed person who hides behind her anonymity to make defamatory comments about me will not provide you with truth.

I am semi-retired now and take limited transactional work (no more court cases that require trials), and I still try to do my very best for my clients. I value my reputation as an honest and fair attorney. That opinion is shared by the vast majority of attorneys who have been on the other side of cases from me, and the judges who heard those cases.